Research, Development and Innovation

Since the creation of LEITEK and its values in the year 2016, the efforts and developments of LEITEK INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS have focused on four major technological areas (Forest Surveillance, Defense and Security, Airport Operational Security, Drone Services).

Currently, with the area of aerial survey by Drone, our company promotes the development of new technologies, mainly in high growth areas: Precision Agriculture and Forest Management, using multispectral sensors and the development of AI algorithms - Artificial Intelligence. However, these technologies are also transversal to all areas of our activity.

Our Research, Development and Innovation environment goes beyond the traditional limits of the sectors of our activity, with special focus on Agriculture and Forestry or known fields of study, since the area of use of the technologies mentioned (namely the development of AI algorithms, to solve concrete industry problems), is a recent innovation, with tangible and objective results.



  • Develop technologies related to high growth fields: Forestry, Defense, Airport Operational Security, Precision Agriculture.

  • Create new products through integration of combined technological resources (Drones, Integration with multiple hardware, Development of new AI-based Algorithms).

  • Develop product technologies based on LEITEK's business vision.

September 22nd, 2020