Since the creation of LEITEK and its values in 2016, the efforts and developments of LEITEK INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS have been focused in four major technological areas (Forest Surveillance, Defense and Security, Airport Operational Security, Drone Services).


Currently, with the department of Drone Aerial Survey, our company promotes the development of new technologies, mainly in high growth areas: Precision Agriculture and Forest Management, using multispectral sensors and the development of AI - Artificial Intelligence algorithms. However, these technologies are also transversal to all areas of our activity.


Our Research, Development and Innovation environment goes beyond the traditional limits of the sectors of our activity, with special focus on Agriculture and Forestry, since the area of use of the technologies mentioned (namely the development of AI algorithms, for the resolution of concrete industry problems), constitutes a recent innovation, with tangible and objective results.








  • Develop technologies related to high growth fields: Forest, Defense, Airport Operational Security, Precision Agriculture.

  • Create new products through the integration of combined technological resources (Drones, Integration with multiple hardware, Development of new AI-based Algorithms)

  • Develop product technologies based on LEITEK's business vision


At LEITEK INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS, our Research, Development and Innovation efforts are focused on our technologies related to the four business areas:


Forest Management: Development of AI algorithms, which can be executed in a drone flight (through the integration of a PC architecture machine), with the ability to automatically detect smoke columns. Also, with the ability to transmit the results of the executed algorithm, to a control center (or other sites).


Security and Defense: With our project "Soldier of the Future", our team is collaborating with the Research, Development and Innovation Center of the Military Academy, for the development of technologies capable of providing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with the capacity to classify and detect targets, through the programming and integration of AI - Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


Operational Security at Airports: Bird life as well as drones are nowadays a challenge for airport management and security. Taking into account that LEITEK INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS has products/ solutions for the mitigation of "bird strikes" that cause millions of dollars of damage every year, as well as the drones (that fly over prohibited areas that can cause serious accidents in aviation), our team has been investigating the development and improvement of these products. The introduction of drones with the ability to classify and detect birds and drones (through AI algorithms, specialized for this purpose), gives us the ability to solve real problems in the global market.


Aerial Survey using Drone technology: Both in forestry and precision agriculture, we are focused in exploring new products /solutions and, therefore, we have a specialized team dedicated to the creation of innovation, development and research in this area.


We have also accumulated knowledge and expertise in each technological area through our own development of equipment / solutions (Development of new hardware for Drones, integration of multiple hardware, Development of algorithms).


By putting our experience in different technological areas or know-how, we are committed to creating new and more beneficial technologies and products, to solve concrete problems of multiple markets, requiring innovation (competitive advantage factor) and Research and Development, to solve industry challenges.  



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